Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This morning was just like any other. I woke up late, stretched, and scratched an itch on my knee. And then I realized that that itch wasn't going away; in fact, it seemed to be getting worse as I scratched it. And then I realized that it wasn't a bug bite because there were multiple hives. And THEN I came to the realization that I had POISON OAK. GODDAMN.

Every flipping summer I get poison oak just by someone MENTIONING the word around me. Whoever did it this year, I will hunt you down and slap some duct tape over your mouth. I hate poison oak ever since my senior year of high school when I developed it over the backs of my knees and on the side of my jaw and on my arms during the last few days of school. Which was awesome, let me tell you.

Aaand now I'm off to bath in some isopropyl alcohol to dry the crap out of my skin.

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