Monday, April 19, 2010


Just turned down a cruise to Europe in favor of getting two AS degrees and being able to afford a couch for our future apartment. Currently in shock. Wondering if I made the right choice. Minutes after hanging up the phone with my aunt to tell her no, thank you, I had a screechy conversation with my mom and Quentin and Troy in which I questioned every part of that decision. Still feeling screechy and like I might pull out my hair.

New Katie Slogan:

I'd rather be in Rome.


The Fredy Family said...

I kind of thought you would. :-)

Lisa said...

good call. you shouldn't ignore a final for a cruise you could just take later in life with Nick when you are fabulously rich. Or at least wealthy enough to afford a Europe cruise. Which is quite feasible. Unless you have like 20 kids and they all want to go to college. But I digress. A degree in less time = more money for awesome cruses in the near future!

Katie said...

Aimee, I'm so sad right now! I want to be in Euuuuurope! But I promise to go sometime in the future and I'll be able to take more time than the ten hours per city the cruise would give you anyway.

Lisa, That's totally the plan! :) We figure after Nick graduates in two years we will take a nice long vacation. And the plan is to also not have 20 kids before that. But, you know. Accidents happen. I could be the Veintetuplet Mom! Two and a quarter times better than Octo-mom! With more espresso!