Monday, April 19, 2010


Imagine coming home and discovering that you have been invited on a cruise to Europe. The cruise itself is paid for, you just have to pay half of the airfare, and you'd be going with people that you know and love. Sounds too good to pass up, right?

Gah, I don't know.

My aunt and her family have an extra bed in their cabin that I could take, which is so awesome. I've cruised with them a bunch before and always have a great time. And it's EUROPE! We'd be stopping in Gibraltar, Alicante, Barcelona, Marseille, Florence, and Rome, and spending four days in Rome after the cruise before flying home. I am dying to go.

BUT. (Always a but. Stupid buts.) I'm saving up to move out with Nick. We already feel poor, and I've stopped spending my money, and I'm plotting ways to make more money over the summer. This trip I would be paying about 450 for airfare, a hundred or two for souvenirs, and god knows how much for trip excursions. I figure I'm looking at about a thousand dollars, which is about three months rent. (EEK!) (Nick seconds this EEK, but in a more manly way.)

Everything else is totally working out--my work is so understanding (I think my supervisor would go instead of me if she could ^_^), my yoga instructor says I can just do some extra work on my own to make up for the missed classes, and my online classes I could do on the ship.

I did wake up this morning and suddenly remember that I have to take a microbiology final exam for my Incomplete in microbiology from last semester (when I was sick with IBS/nervous stomach/anxiety and fell behind) and that I would be missing that test. So I wouldn't get my AS degrees that I was planning on getting come May. (Come to think of it, I think I'd miss the whole stage walking/accepting my degrees altogether if I go. Jeez.)

I am conflicted. I want to go so, so bad. It's just really bad timing. I don't know what I'm going to do, and I have to decide by tonight.


The Fredy Family said...

I didn't walk at Butte for both for my AS or AA. Take the mirco exam early. like in 2 weeks - if he would let you. money is money and that's it. you will always need more, you will never have enough of it, and this is a once in a life time trip and you need to go!

Katie said...

Hah, you WOULD totally go in my place if you could, wouldn't you!? :) I'm honestly still not sure right now. Everyone is so encouraging about going but there are a lot of factors. My micro test is only set up once a semester so I don't think I could take it early, I could maybe take it next semester . . . or I could just not get my AS degrees. But that kind of sounds sucky.

I forgot to list the biggest thing though: I want to go with Nick. I want to travel to all those places with him.

Katie said...

Maybe I could tuck him in my suitcase?