Monday, August 24, 2009

Introducing the Newest Symington

Meet Oz Symington, our newest member. I finally bit the bullet and decided to adopt him! The deciding factor was finding Oz snuggled up with Io underneath my dresser--Io's favorite hangout--and I was so surprised to see them together that I stood there dumbstruck for a moment. My cat doesn't usually take to kittens, but he and Oz have been playing and eating and exploring together, so I knew it would work.

Our new tuxedo boy loves to play with "presents"--or rather bows for wrapping presents. He carries them around and plays and jumps and then drops them in his food dish--his favorite place for his toys.

He also gets along well with my hamster Gus-Gus. Never fear, the hamster is not in the cage. I took Gus-Gus out to let him roll around in his ball, and Oz hopped right on in!

He is a pretty adorable kitten. My family likes him too, but my mom has made it clear that Io and Oz come with me when I move out. Good thing Nick likes him a lot!

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Andra said...

Yay!!! hes so cute!!! And might I add that you look so pretty in this picture!!! I sense a profile pic...ahem...