Monday, August 10, 2009

Ten Things About Tummies

I've learned a lot over the last few weeks of being sick. Some things I knew and some I had no clue about! Behold!

First: I become a hypochondriac when I am sick. For example: I've been sick with gastritis, basically an inflamed and irritated stomach. While using the almighty Doctor Google, I started to fear that I had an ulcer! or stomach cancer! or even an ovarian cyst! or gastro-esophageal reflux disease! Also over the summer I have had, in order, a bad cold, an urinary tract infection, the flu, the flu, and now gastritis, which means a lowered immune system, which could be AIDS! AAAGHH! I am a worrier at the best of times, and apparently being sick is just way too much for my mind to handle. I panic and worry and Google and freak out, and that is just not conducive to being healthy. (Nick does a pretty good job of telling me to stop my bellyaching and feel better already, jeez).

Second: Stomach issues are a lot more common than I thought. Aimee has had to take acid-reducers for 2 years and still watches what she eats (caffeine=bad). My aunt Lesley has had stomach issues since she was a kid (used to take my grandpa's Rollaids!) and has been on stuff to help it for years. My cousin Kim and my cousin Kevin have both had acid problems. My Grandpa used to get stomach aches whenever he was upset--which is the same with my aunt--and the same with me. I too have the Ravenscroft Tummy!

Third: I need to knock off the worrying. Seriously. Ever since my Grandma died I've been worrying about my parents, my family, my friends, my pets, and myself dying. (Dramatic much?) In the forefront of my mind I am thinking that I'm being silly, because we are all healthy...but my Grandma was healthy too until she got ovarian cancer. So I worry. But I am getting better about it.

Fourth: I love my boyfriend. ^_^ And I'm so glad that he is being so sweet about me not feeling that well. (Even with the bellyachin' comments!) I'm also happy that he keeps poking at me to feel better. Cuz I need to!

Fifth: My family is pretty awesome too about being nice for me feeling bad. Even when they make me go on 40 mile hikes.

Sixth: I am going off of prevacid today...unless I get bad and then I will go back on it. But the doctor said 10-14 days and I was on it for 17 because I was stressing and consequently hurting my stomach. So today is my first day off, and despite some random burning sensations, I'm doing okay. Yay!

Seventh: Apparently ulcers and gastritis are treated the same. They didn't know what I had but they gave me the prevacid--a acid proton pump inhibitor--basically it stops the things that produce acid in your stomach from producing acid. Sweeet. My prevacid belonged to my grandpa--it's a prescription. I was going to take Maalox until Mom whipped the prevacid out of her purse and was all "Can she take this instead?" Go mom!

Eighth: I can never, ever, spell "eighth" correctly on the first try.

Ninth: Jeez, these lists of ten things sure are long! Um, we might to go Marine World on Thursday and everybody cross you fingers that my stomach behaves!

Tenth: I will never ever think badly of anyone who has chronic stomach issues again. They don't want hot sauce? I will sympathize. They can't eat dessert? I will sympathize. They don't like my cooking? I will murtalize. Kisses!


andra said...

lol! so i love how a key word at the bottom is "exploding stomachs" amazing! Well im really glad you are feeling better! i was worried you were dying too :( But at least you know what it is!!! And you need to put pictures of your new housemate up! And I want to meet him!!!!

Katie said...

well then you should come over! :) He's very nice and gets along with us well. It will be funny to see how the girls at Colfax react to him--at the pool party for him some girl ran up to another one and was like: There's a hot French guy here! And then I laughed cuz Troy's got competition now! ;)

Andra said...

lol!!! how cute! to bad hes so young....hehehe jk oh! so do you remember that book about the girl who (medieval times) poses as a page and about her experience and stuff? It was a younger book lol but i just thought of it the other day.

Andra said...

and my horrible grammar...*too bad

Katie said...

oh yeah! it's the book series by Tamora Pierce called protector of the small--the first book is "first test" then "page" then "Squire" then "lady knight" i own lady knight but the library has the rest. they're great! and read the one called "Terrier" by the same author. ;)