Thursday, July 23, 2009

There is a Tent in My Living Room

The tent is so we can check that there are no holes in the fabric before we leave for our Yosemite backpacking trip. Each day we are going about 7-11 miles at a very high elevation, and we take everything with us except food. (Apparently the food is deelish! Brought in on mules!)

In other exciting news, I just got a super happy tentative diagnosis of gastritis by my wonderful doctor (seriously nice guy) after I finally caved in and made an appointment after 6 days of constant dull pain and nausea and lower bowel issues. He said to take an acid reduce (prevacid) and a probiotic (align [expensive!]) and gas-x and pepto bismol as needed, and that it will be hopefully better in about 2 weeks. Yay!

This has been an awesome summer, with me being sick. About three days after the semester ended I wound up with a really sucky cold that knocked me out for about a week. A week after I recovered from that I got a urinary tract infection (peeing blood) and went on cipro antibiotics. A week or so after that I caught Vicky's flu for two days and then relapsed during Nick's camping trip. And now I have gastritis. The doctor said that my system is probably way out of whack, with being sick so much, and that hopefully the acid reducer and the probiotic will get me back on track.

In conclusion: Nick, you were right about making me see a doctor. Mom, you were right about saying what was wrong and also that our doctor would be cheaper than the county clinic. Aimee, you were right to say to take an acid-reducer. I'm sure other people were right too, but right now my stomach is too rumbly to think about it. (But no pain! NOOOO PAAAIN! Yess!)

Cross your fingers for me that this works! Also, wish me lots and lots of luck and happy stomach feelings on this trip, since we will be in the middle of nowhere.

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