Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am debating getting a dwarf hamster. I know my house is already overrun with animals, but I waaaaant one. (I am an impulsive sort of girl. Also an obsessive one.) It all started when on vacation I reread my Mice Guide book from back when I had mice (have had mice, birds, hamsters, fish, cats, dogs, rabbits), and I decided that I wanted a furry four-legged little stinky thing again. Since then I have been debating mouse vs. hamster vs. bird.

So I need advice on whether or not to get one.

First! Mice are stinky. And they eat their babies. They are cute, but I am iffy on them.

Second! Hamsters are cute! And fluffy! They probably eat their babies too, but hey! Nobody's perfect! And they are soooo cute and adorable and fun. They usually live for 1 1/2 to 2 years.

(And this is the cage I would like to get for the hypothetical hamster. Our old cage is stiiiinky).

It has a SLIDE. That you climb up! Too cute! At at the top is the exercise wheel! I love it! Ahem.

Third! Birds are awesome and cool, and if I had one I would try really hard not to let it fly away outside like I did with Rainbow, my old parakeet. (BTW, I would get a parakeet). They are colorful and fun, but my cat would try to kill it. They also live for like 7 plus years, so when I move out in a year(ish) Nick might kill me for bringing a bird. ^_~

Help! Decision time! I need advice! 


The Fredy Family said...

get the hampster and buy that cage and then watch him not use the slide because they fat and lazy. Oh and they do bite and eat their young. Can you tell I love hampsters?????

My poor kids will be the only ones with out caged animals.


Katie said...

LOL thanks Aimee! ;) I used to have mice, and they had a litter and then one day I went and found a DEAD BABY MOUSE WITH A HOLE IN ITS STOMACH FULL OF BLOOD and all the others GONE. It was terrible!!! :(

I might get a hamster...I'm working on Nick. ;) He is against me getting another pet. We'll see! :) Thanks!

Lesley said...

Katie, We have that cage in our garage to go to Goodwill. You can have it if you want! (Don't tell your Mom it came from em though).

I love hampsters, but don't love cleaning te cage. So it is a "no" from me, but I am just done with cleaning up after animals!