Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guess Who Sold Her Car?!?!

ME! ME! ME! I sold my car!!! My very first car, my silvery blue Toyota Camry 1994 car, my car that grandma and grandpa sold to us (for a very nice price), that car, is sold. To a very nice man with a two year old daughter. I put the car out for sale with Nick at 4pm, got a call at 6pm, and he drove it at 7pm, and then called at 9pm to say that he wanted to buy it. No haggling, all very simple, and breezy. And he paid in cash!


I also got the flu, and went camping with Nick's family in Fort Bragg, and then went on a vacation with my family, all of which I will post pictures of shortly. But I am soooo excited because I sold my car!!! (Except now I really ought to pay for my new car since I have moola. Drat!)

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The Fredy Family said...

too bad it didn't sell sooner, you could have bought a mac....I am never going to let you live that down!!! :-)