Sunday, December 14, 2008

White Christmas

This is the first Christmas in California that we have had snow flurries outside while we were decorating our tree! It's sort of sticking to the ground now, and it's great! I dumped sleet down Troy and Dad's shirts too! Hehehehehe.

Nick came over and helped us decorate the tree, and it was a lot of fun--he mostly played with kittens while we held up ornaments and said "Awwwwww this is Troy at five years old!" or "This is Mom's. Or.....maybe it's not. Huh. Who has the weird artichoke ornament?!" And we drank eggnog and were happy.

Tonight we had our family birthday dinner, as Troy and I are only one day apart--my baby brother turns seventeen tomorrow!!! (And Nick turns twenty years old six days after I do) (I'm dating a younger man!) Anyway we had delicious steak, potatoes, salad and bread. (Go Mom for cooking it all). And then amazing chocolate cake!

Here's hoping for snow snow snow!

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