Monday, December 15, 2008

The Tree Hunt!

Here is our belated Christmas tree hunt post! We took the dogs and our family (Nick was too sick to be out in the freezing weather hiking all over) and headed off to our local tree farm.

Here's my Mama. ^_^

We spent maybe fifteen minutes looking for a tree before we found the perfect one. Actually, Troy found it. And then it only took Troy to cut it down instead of all of us hacking away for twenty minutes! This is us with our tree... Mom's taking the picture.

It was the shortest tree hunt in our family that we could remember! The dogs were very well behaved and we hardly fought at all!

This pic is from a few days later, when we had the decorations set out. We lost Edward and then found him . . .sleeping peacefully on the decorations. They have been choosing the weirdest places to sleep lately!

We had to put some of the cut branches on the floor so the kittens would leave our tree alone! It worked--except they LOVE the branches and attack them all the time and now we have branches spread out all of the kitchen and little pine needles covering the floor. Good thing they're cute!


Andra said...

so cute!!!
What did you get for your b-day!!!!??

Katie said...

Fantasy perfume, one hour long massage, penguin socks, four or more pairs of shoes, jeans, spanish learning software, nail manicure set, amazing cakes, and lunch. I love my family and my boyfriend. ;) And I realize, I am spoiled!