Friday, December 26, 2008


One of my greatest faults is procrastination. A great example of this is that I killed my cell phone a few months ago (Goodbye Motorola) and did not purchase a new cell phone, despite the fact that I was due to upgrade then. 

I lived without my cell for months! And at first it did not bother me, mostly because I was so busy and could just borrow Nick's phone. But lately I have really wanted a cell phone. I wanted my contacts numbers, and my phone camera, and I wanted to be able to CALL people! 

At first I wanted the LG Venus, mostly because it was pretty and slid open (my last phone's flip broke and would flap open and closed too easily, didn't want that again), but didn't want to spend $70 on it so gave up. 

Then I wanted the LG Decoy because it was $20 after a rebate! So Lesley and I drove to the mall and found a kiosk Verizon store--and a Decoy for $150.

Stupid shark guy was all "You won't beat this price!" 
Me: "I was just online and it was twenty dollars. Total."
Stupid shark guy: "No way. I can look it up right now. $150."
Me: "Seriously. Fifteen minutes ago it was twenty."
Stupid shark guy: "I betcha fifty dollars it is $150."
Me (shaking head in disbelief): "You're stupid. Goodbye."

Around the corner in the mall was a Verizon Wireless store where I found the Decoy and Venus for $20. I wanted to stick out my tongue at the stupid guy but refrained because I was calling my mom on my new shiny LG VENUS slider touch-screen cell phone! And then called Nick and both of them were all "Wha.... Katie's cell phone? She has a phone again? No way!"


(Also, programming contacts is exhausting). (Also also, this is not my exact phone, because I have a cool purple flower on it. Totally make the difference!)


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