Monday, December 15, 2008


My baby brother turned 17 today. It seems crazy to write that because I swear, he was just ten, and before that he was just five, and he was the cutest, sweetest little boy imaginable. There were some crazy "Ohmigod stop being a freaking teenager!" years but they are mainly over now... and he's still pretty sweet. Usually. ^_^

We woke him up early this morning, so that we could give him his present before Dad left for work. He was groggy and had a hard time getting the tape off... but finally he opened it and there was a brand spankin' new ipod touch, 32GB, oh-so-pretty! He was THRILLED and spent the entire time I was home--like 8 hours before I went to work--downloading applications and playing games and exploring his cool new ipod. This boy loves music! Hmm let's see.... Troy plays the piano and the drums, is in the band at school playing drums, writes his own music for the piano, can play the vibraphone as well... He has a nice girlfriend...a third degree black belt in TaeKwonDo...and a junior in high school.

Happy Birthday baby bro!!!

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