Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Once upon a time, there was a wonderful dog named Rosie, who was chosen from all the other dogs at the pound to come to our home, where she lived for about twelve years. She was sweet and fun and "talked" in excitement when we came home, and she and dad would run circles inside the house until she caught him.

Unfortunately, she had malignant sarcomas and we took them out and bought her nine more months, but then we found it had metastasized and we had to put her down . . .and then we were sad.

After a while we searched for a new dog that would be as close to perfect as Rosie had been. And we found Sage, who was a golden retriever/pit bull mix but with darker shorter hair (so it wouldn't get on the carpet!) But then dad wanted a dog that "looked" like a golden. And so we found Kali.

Sage was born at the shelter and was six months old when we adopted her. She wasn't potty trained very well and didn't know any commands. Kali is short for Kalahari, because she was found in the desert with two of her own puppies. As you can see, she was malnourished and didn't have much feathering on her. She had a "happy tail", from wagging her tail and hitting it on the bars of a cage. She also was terrified of going down our stairs.

They are adorable together.

We wanted a dog that was just like Rosie, but that's impossible. She was our perfect dog while we had her, and irreplaceable.

But, you know, when we stop comparing Sage and Kali to our old girl, these ones are pretty special.

All grown up and nearly a year now, Sage actually sits for a moment and lets me snap a picture. Normally she's too busy being SUPER-excited to see you and LICKLICKLICK.

And Kali is beautiful now. Whenever we go to the dog park she's our social butterfly, running from dog to person to dog. She's filled out and her feathers are long and wispy. She and Sage hate to be apart and like to romp through our living room, and they LOVE tummy rubs.

It's nice to have dogs again. ^_^

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The Fredy Family said...

So I think Sage is Lab/Pit. She looks way too much like Onyx. I think it is the s**t eating grin on the face. :-)