Thursday, September 11, 2008

Goodbye, Motorola

Motorola and I have had a love/hate relationship going on for months. Like so many relationships, it was an abusive one. The spring broke first, and so unless I literally held it open, whenever I flipped open my phone, it would flip back down. Then my battery became too weak to hold the charge for more than three minutes, even if it had charged all night.

But I couldn't leave him! I had amazing reception, even where I live. (Apparently the middle of nowhere for other cell phone providers.) And the Verizon store manager gave me a free new battery! And the flipping top was entertaining to all ages!

Well, the year and a half relationship ended today. When Nick and I were carpooling to college and accelerated up to the freeway, we heard the thunk athunkity thunk of my phone tumbling off of the roof!!!

Now I have to decide to buy a new phone or wait the four months until my plan calls for a new one. I have a feeling I'll cave and choose a pretty phone from the gazillion choices available. But which one?!? Aiieeeeee!!!

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