Monday, September 1, 2008


A few weeks ago, Nick and I went to his grandparent's cabin for the weekend. It was an insane adventure of finding food and watching scary horror movies from the 1960's, and it was amazingly fun. The back porch (that in winter apparently gets snow up to the roof!) led down to a creek and we spent hours hopping stones, climbing over fallen trees, and trying to catch a glimpse of tiny schools of elusive fish.

He picked me that pretty orange flower, (so sweet!) and it's actually much softer than it looks. We spent a day in a town nearby, walked through the little shops, didn't end up buying anything (although he nearly did get a wooden sling shot gun)(Do ya think I like parenthesis?). We stumbled upon a small fair and rode the fastest damn eggbeater ride I've ever found--so fast that I nearly threw up and we couldn't walk straight for five minutes.

For dinner the first night we made pasta and meatballs. HOMEMADE pasta and meatballs. I actually ground the sirloin. He actually blended the flour and eggs (from memory, he has done it so often). It took forever but it was absolutely delicious!

So I'd have to say as far as weekend vacations go, this one was definitely at the top.

P.S. Raisins in meatballs rock!

Yes, I know he's cute.

And yes, these are homemade waffles that he made us.

Pretty bluebird outside while we were eating said waffles.


Flower! For me!

Gnarled tree trunk.


Anonymous said...

soooo this is Katie's bestest friend! And Nick and Katie are absolutely the cutest couple and really love each other!

I am jealous that you went to amazing cabin for the weekend and ate amazing food and had fun ;)

I love the flower it's muy bonita, and the tree trunk is amazing!

The Fredy Family said...

How bad does the comment have to be to qualify as litter liner???? :-) Nice job Miss Katie!