Friday, September 26, 2008

Mission Impossible IV: Escape!

Our golden retriever Kali loves to dig. She and Sage escaped our yard time and again when we first brought them home, until we filled all possible escape routes with big rocks and chicken wire and dirt. There was no way out.


After visiting Grandma in the hospital and running some errands, we came home and realized it was suspiciously silent. Dad went out and called for the dogs while I rang forty zillion different numbers trying to get ahold of Troy and Mom, to see if the dogs were with them.
"No, definitely not. Dogs were out back. Why, are they gone now?"

I ran out back to make sure they weren't, oh, I don't know, swimming in the pool, yelling for them to come, and lo and behold a few minutes later I hear pounding feet and I throw open the gate and Kali and Sage hurtle through, nearly knocking me over.

Happy because they got a cookie (for coming when called), wondering why they are stuck outside.

They smell like horse poop, and they are filthy!

Hose? Can I chew hose? Nom?

The escape route is no longer.

Still not sure where they were. Horse pen? Lake? Reno?

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