Monday, March 15, 2010

What do YOU think?

I found my three barrel curler today. I attacked my hair with it. I want to know what you think about it!

Mom though it was cute, Troy did too (under pressure). Dad didn't say anything but later admitted he was wondering if I had done something to it.

Quentin asked me: "Did you just wake up? And not brush your hair?"

To what you're wondering: Yes, we no longer have a living French boy here. I suffocated him with hair spray.

(Apologies for the same background in every shot. Also that these are taken by photo booth. It's too much work to upload from my camera!)

So, what do you think? I will give you some multiple choice.

A) Why, Katie, that is simply the most sizzling hairstyle you've ever sported! Say you won't ever stop styling it just so!

B) Dear lord, woman, accept that you have straight hair! Stop trying to curl it! My eyes won't take it!

C) Meh. Whatever.

D) I love it but don't think you would ever wake up early enough to do it again. Snap a picture and say you're done.


The Fredy Family said...


My hair is the same way.

Lesley said...

Hi Katie! OK here is my vote:
"I love it but don't think you would ever wake up early enough to do it again. Snap a picture and say you're done."
But really, it is adorable. I think it is a great style for going out and having fun...but in the mornings before school? Not so sure I would be motivated to get up early for my hair!we have been doing Jessica's hair a new way with the curling iron. We will have to show you this weekend. See you then! (with the 3 barrel curler?)

Nick said...

Hi Les! Thanks! I like it, but you're totally right, I would never wake up early enough to do it. It did hold its style pretty well overnight though, but I sweated it out in yoga. :)

I can't wait to see you guys too!!! :)

Andra said...

I LOVE ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!! Mucho amor! I agree with Lesley though, to do it before school would be ridiculous, but for a fun event it's perfect! I hope it stayed though, I remember trying to curl your hair and almost losing it. :)

Katie said...

Thanks babe! Nick liked it too. :) It stayed well all day, got mussed when I slept on it but Nick said it still looked good, and then turned tangly and limp when I took yoga because the room is kept at 80 degrees and I got sweaty. :)

Clair said...

Uhhhhh do i have to anser srry 0.0