Friday, March 26, 2010


*Last weekend we went to the LA marathon to see Quentin's dad run it! He ran 26.6 miles in 3 hours and 32 minutes, how crazy is that? His running has inspired me to want to run in a marathon, (a short one, I am so. not. a runner), or at the very least to be more active.

*New Moon came out on DVD and I've watched it 2 and 1/2 times, and it's playing right now. Dad's watching it! (Can you believe it?! YES!) I am so Team Jacob and love the 30 minutes his shirt is off!

*My brain is mushy. I keep forgetting what day it is, what I am supposed to do at that day, and I'm misplacing things--which is normal for me, but what isn't normal is what I'm misplacing. I am used to losing my cell phone or my keys, or the shoes that match my outfit, or leaving my mascara in my purse, but today? Today I misplaced the cash envelope and the deposit envelope at work, two things that you DO. NOT. LOSE. The doctor asked if I had a deposit envelope for him and I'm like "Yep! Let me get it!" and I go to where we keep the envelope, and IT WASN'T THERE. Five frantic minutes later of me thinking I've lost my mind and my boss looking at me like I have lost my mind, I found it in the credit slip drawer in my supervisor's desk. GAH.

*I took a nap today because I have the most awesome boyfriend ever! I went to see Nick after work and immediately fell asleep in his bed for nearly three hours. He's so sweet, he let me sleep as long as I needed to and I even heard him telling Clair that she needs to not come in right now because Katie's sleeping and it needs to be quiet. Nick's been nagging me to sleep more (I stay up too late all the time) and I finally got to catch up!

*I got to see Aimee (my supervisor)'s kids! My friend Andra babysat Cole (3 years) and Siena (1 year) and I hung out with them for a few hours. I cannot believe how grown up Cole is--I used to babysit for him when he was just a few months old! And Siena is seriously one of the most adorable girls ever. Her laugh is so cute!

*I got to see Vicky too! She came over and we watched New Moon and made chocolate chip cookies, sooooo delicious! It was so nice to see her and be able to catch up, especially since we used to work together a few times a week and now we see each other so infrequently!

*I'm sleepy again and can't think of anything interesting to say. But! I have a new "tart" dress (Mom's definition of a short party dress) that I'm going out in tomorrow night with some girlfriends so I will at least have an interesting story of how I couldn't bend over and how I fell over a lot from my heels!

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