Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have a cold. A lovely sucky cold. My throat hurts, my lymph nodes are huge, I keep coughing and now my nose is leaking like our toilet. And I spent six hours today curled up in Nick's Saab with my pillow, a new romance novel, a new box of Kleenex, and a new bag of Ricola cough drops. Normally I sit an hour and then go to yoga, then have lunch with Nick and sometimes Ryan, and then sit for two hours. Today I forgot my yoga mat, and figured that in Down Dog I would have such a runny nose I would have to stop stretching and go catch it before I infected my friends. . . and somehow sleeping in a warm car on a rainy day sounded better. (Even though my legs fell asleep).

As soon as I got home today Sage threw up in the kitchen and on our expensive oriental rug. Awesome. Then the toilet overflowed (it wasn't me though!). Then I fought with Troy and mom about dinner. I'm just . . . tired. And sick. And tired of being sick.


Lesley said...

Ah, so sorry that you are sick. I hope you are feeling better soon. YOu have enough sickness lately. Maybe those kindergarten kids passed on their litle kid germs to you! Have you ever tried "Airborne"?

Katie said...

Thanks Lesley! :) I'm just so, so thankful that this is a cold and not a stomach bug because that is what freaks me out. (EEEEK!) I have tried Airborne a few times but I'm not very diligent about it. I'm not even very good at taking a multi vitamin! I ought to get better at that . . . :)