Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holy Shiznit on Toast

The air is crisp, the leaves are turning orange, and the Halloween decorations are decorating our house. We have scarecrows, pumpkins, snakes, and spiders all around. 

One of the plastic spiders is Oz's new favorite toy! He took it off the counter and ran around the house with it, scaring me silly half a dozen times. I'd see the creepy long black legs and freeze in terror before realizing it was fake. Eventually, I got used to seeing the plastic spider around. (Do you see where this is leading?)

Half an hour ago, I got up from the couch to go slide some banana nut bread (eggless! part of the dairy/egg fasting from my doctor to see if that helps my stomach! Hint: Hasn't yet.) and walked past the spider. I glanced down, about one foot away from it. And the disjointed black legs moved. 

"HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT HOLY SHIT OHMIGOD HOLYSHIT!" I jumped about three feet in the air, and somehow moved about ten feet away, and kept screaming and hopping up and down, pointing as the live spider started crawling towards me. 

Finally the rest of my family came over, laughing at me for being so girly and scared of a spider. Dad walked over to look at it, and Troy followed, still chuckling at me for overreacting.

"Holy crap! That's a big spider!" "Whoa!"

Yeah. So, Dad took it outside, since nobody wanted to squish it. It took about five more minutes before the adrenaline wore off and my heart rate went back to normal. I still feel kind of twitchy when my hair brushes my neck. (*shudders in revulsion*)

Happy Halloween!

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