Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Real Veterinary Visit

Io, my six year old boy that I've had since he was a teeny kitten, woke me up at about 7:20 this morning by banging on my closet door. (The litter is in there. He bangs on the door when he's trying to cover with litter.)

Slowly waking up, I realized that he had banged on the door a lot and that a few times in the night I had drowsily ordered him to "STOP. IT." before falling back asleep. I started worrying that he had a blockage or crystals in his bladder. 

I took him to work and my boss said that his bladder was pretty full, so we knocked Io out so that we could flush out his bladder in case there were crystals. 

Of course, Io has to be one of those few cats that stops breathing when you put him under. (Of course! AAack.) He finally started again, but I think I have some gray hairs now. We flushed him by putting a catheter up his urethra and found some fine sand crystals and a mucous plug. He was blocked but not too badly. We woke him up (and DR scraped his teeth to 
get rid of some plaque). And then he threw up. 

He got a bladder antibiotic flush, an antibiotic injection, cortisone injection, and sent home with some more antibiotics. 

I got to spend $30 on Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food (or any low magnesium food. ALL VERY EXPENSIVE.) Whee!

Dear Io, 
Please don't ever get sick or scare me ever again. 
Love, CrazyCatMommy

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