Thursday, November 18, 2010

BBC Update: Sweaty

Well, in Bikini Body Challenge news; I gained weight. 

I don't actually own a scale, but my pants are tighter and my tummy is flabbier. (Sexy! Pow!) 

BUT I just went and worked out for the first time since I quit the gym since I quit Taekwondo. Yes. We have been living on our own for three plus months, about fifty yards away from our own gym, and I just managed to drag my ass over there to get sweaty and exhausted before dragging my way back and collapsing on the couch. 

Then I ate a salad. With rice vinegar. I was too lazy to make my own yummy dressing. 

. . . so do I have to do this workout things multiple times to see results? 


Andra said...

yay! What did you end up doing? (And plus you don't feel guilty about eating dessert!)

Katie said...

hi! I did the elliptical machine for like 20 minutes (got seriously sweaty) and then did that one thing on that multiple workout station machine--worked hamstrings, quads, lats, and then did multiple arm workouts. I thought about trying the climbing machine but I stepped up on it and suddenly felt sick. I overdid it. ;)


Andra said...

omg don't faint and die!! haha I've definitely been in that situation, almost fainting then having to stop. Just take it slow :) When are you coming back for thanksgiving? I'll bring the pants!