Friday, June 5, 2009

Busy But Not

Only a few things have happened in the zillion days it has been since I last posted:

1) I went to the store a few days ago, wearing a really cute top. In the checkout line an elderly woman was staring at me. Then she told me that she liked my shirt. I thanked her and told her I got it at Kohl's, and then she continued to stare. After she paid and was gathering up her bags, she looked back at me, and said with a cackle, "That really is a very cute shirt. But I betcha couldn't wear it to school!"

2) I was thinking of baking a coffee cake yesterday morning and took out the strawberries, shut the fridge, and went upstairs to ask my mom a quick question. When I came back down I heard muted meows from one of our foster kittens. I walked past the kitchen and into the office and was calling for the kitten, wondering if she had run out into the garage again. They keep trying to escape through all doors! I heard her meow behind me and I walked back into the kitchen. Then I heard the muted meow again. My eyes opened really wide and I said "No!" in a disbelieving tone, before yanking open the fridge door, and saw a kitten tumble out of the bottom door shelf! She did a very pitiful little "meow" before I yanked her up and comforted both of us. Her little ears and feet were chilled and I was more upset than she was, but now I am very paranoid about checking the fridge for kittens before I leave!!!

3) My computer died! The port is broken, or possibly something else, and Mac store people say "Oh we can spend $280 to fix the problem but it might be something else and by the way we won't fix your battery unless you spend like $150, so there, give us all your cash and credit cards now." So my loving kind parents said they would support me scrapping my computer (it is like 5 years old) and they would give me $400 towards a new one, since my Christmas presents weren't that expensive. And now I have questions! Another mac, or a hp? Dad will keeeeeell me if I get a hp, and Nick says go hp! Mac is more expensive, but it is what I know and I will get a free ipod touch cuz I'm a student! And yeah. Hp is cheaper! My heard hurts.

4) Night before last we had a thunderstorm with strobe-like lightning and hail and rain. Nick's veggie garden was shredded. Mine survived! But it was scary and made my cat Io disappear from fright. Weeeeird weather!

So there. My summer vacation is less than fascinating, and all my photos are on my broken computer, so I can't post anything fuzzy and cute. My bank account is draining. Oh! But I am not sick anymore! (Except for allergies). And I babysat Rocky and Dixie and Shelby (all Vicky's kids) and we watched Twilight cuz those kids are awesome. And today I visited Aimee and Cole and baby Siena, and those are some darn cute kids too! And now I am babbling. Stay tuned for more misadventures of Katie!

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The Fredy Family said...

You really shouldn't be sending me links to him. :-)

If you are gonna scrape your comp you could donate it to me. I might be willing to pay to get it fixed. I'd love a 17" mac.

Please don't go HP. Once you go mac you should NEVER go back!