Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back in the Swing

We are now five weeks into the fall semester of college, and six weeks into teaching computers at the elementary school.

I'm kind of tired.

But in a good way!

Work is fun. Today I taught 3rd graders the entire left hand homerow for typing, showed 4th graders how to make a pie chart with M&M's (that they got to EAT after, whee!) and 7/8th graders how to do the basics of html. The only problem is I don't have as much time as I would like to spend on my lesson plans as I would like, because . . .

Yeah, school. It's kind of homework-y. The last two or three weeks each Sunday has been like 7 hours of homework. In a ROW. That is a lot of homework. Plus, ya'know, trying to actually spend time with my boyfriend (who is still wonderful) and my family (who are also busy) and Nick's family (Hi Clair!) and I am just BUSY.

(Notice I am up at nearly 1am on a school night just so I could have some goof off time. Normal hours rebellion, ahoy! Also, zzzzzz.)

Um. What else. Taekwondo is good! Mostly. And I did a cardio class! And got really sweaty. Um, I need to clean my fish tank. I need to clean my apartment. The list of things I need to do is kind of long, so let's just skip that and I'll say I'm totally going shopping tomorrow morning, because Kohl's gave me a $10 off coupon and I need work clothes! Yay, shopping!

I'm off for bed.



Clair said...

Hey katie i mizz u guys sooooooo much i cant wait til my trip to hawii grrrrrrr i am angry about all the home work i have to do when im gone buh bye mizz ya

Katie said...

Oh you fabulous girl, you used proper English . . . ish. ;) If you don't write me properly I'm going to start replying in Spanish! And then see where we'll be, because . . . I don't really remember any Spanish! Mwahhahaha! I had a great time seeing you tonight, and you are going to have such a wonderful time in Hawaii--maybe try to get your homework done on the plane? You will have plenty of time! See you soon!

Lisa S. said...

(Hi Clair!)

Katie has alway been a proper english writer and speaker. I think it came from being such an avid reader when she was young.

I have one word for Clair..... Punctuation!

Nuf said.

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