Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photos of Day One and Day Two

Link to my Photobucket account: here!


Lisa S. said...

What a great job with the photos, sweetie. NIcely done. I am not pleased with the VERY RED skin on you! I sure hope the aloe vera helps and that you don't peal. The apartment looks wonderful and I expect that it's really nice to be there with your friends. I like the balcony and was pleased to see the roof over it in the photos of the outside of your complex.
Happy Hawaii-ing!!

Clair said...

Hi!!! Can u give us more pics of the beach!?! HAVE FUN!!!! Clair

Katie said...

Hi Clair!!! I am so happy that you saw the pictures and left me a comment! I don't have too many pictures of the beach right now but I promise I will get some tomorrow and put them up for you! Big hugs! :)