Thursday, February 10, 2011

Florence from America


I have not abandoned my blog. I am just . . . busy. Apparently college professors like to give homework. Who knew?

I'm also quite swamped with preparing for my computer classes, grading papers, figuring out how to assign a 5 page APA style research paper for my 7th/8th graders, and updating the school's website, using Dreamweaver, a program I am learning on the fly.

In between I attempt to spend some time with mi novio fabuloso, and sometimes even have a bit of a social life. Not as much as I'd like, but some! ^_^

In between that in between, I spend time with my parents and my nanny and my cats!

Oh, and I'm trying to exercise. And lose weight. Speaking, I should go make myself some dinner. I'm debating salad or soba noodles, or just throwing them both together for a soba salad. Hmm.

The actual important thing here is:



He will be gone for the whole semester. He is taking classes Monday-Thursday and then exploring Italy with his friends. After the semester he and his buddy are traveling around Europe, staying in hostels for another month or so.

I miss him.

So I started a blog.

Florence from America

The name stems from the fact that I am, quite literally, writing about Florence from my cushy seat in California. I take the Skype chats, the emails, the facebook posts, the pictures, and toss them together on the blog. You can also find it on my blogroll to the right.

I update it pretty much everyday.

So yes. Check it out!

And perhaps call me and make me exercise. I find that being yelled at helps with the motivation.


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Lisa S. said...

Maybe I should call more often!


Is that why you don't usually answer your phone?