Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to Procrastinate your Micro Test for a WHOLE YEAR

Step 1: Take a ton of classes and promptly get too stressed to finish them. 

Step 2: Beg your teachers for Incompletes. 

Step 3: Rejoice! You have a whole year to wait before finishing your classes!

Step 4: Forget everything you ever learned.

Step 5: Think you really should get on those classes. 

Step 6: Realize that the amount of studying you need to do is frightening and decide to read instead. 

Step 7: Play, Frolic, Laugh, and ignore your impending deadline. 

Step 8: Change majors, decide you really don't want to finish your classes, especially since finishing them involves two microbiology finals and one chemistry final. 

Step 9: Weep, for the academic counselors say they must be finished or you will get an "F". 

Step 10: Wait until you have 2 weeks left, study your ass off, and take your finals, and feel satisfaction in that you totally postponed these tests a whole year past what the other students did!

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